Christmas Eve in the Mountain State

“KANAWHA celebrate with you?”


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West Virginia’s New Christmas Tradition

“It’s Christmas Eve in the Mountain State 
The elves mine stocking coal
The turkey’s in the oven
The pepperoni’s on a roll…”

It’s the night before Christmas at the West Pole. Celebrate all across the Mountain State!


The Original West Virginia Pun Book

 Delight mountaineers of all ages!

Fun puns for every county + many locales

 County shapes and cryptids in the art

 Diverse WVns in rural and urban scenes

 Written and illustrated in West Virginia



The spirit of West Virginia in storybook form… clever (or delightfully groan-inducing) puns that show the playful side of our wonderful state…

This is one of those books that’s loads of fun for kids, but is even more fun for adults.”

Rudy Panucci, PopCult + Radio Free Charleston